Dr. Radhika Dirks, PhD., CEO and founder of artificial intelligence solutions company XLabs, spoke to the “promise and perils” of A.I. in her presentation at the Regina A. Quick Center on Thursday night. Hosted as part of the Open Visions Forum series, Dirks reminded the audience of the importance of human values in an age of increasingly powerful developments in A.I. 

Dirks began her presentation by outlining the extensive development of generative A.I. today, showcasing the results of contemporary A.I. platforms that harness human language, create complex images and artwork, generate personalized websites, impersonate celebrities and assess medical data. She relayed that the fast-paced and formidable development of generative A.I. calls for “agility and adaptability.”

Dirks also spoke to the imperfections of A.I., however, noting that its results are often subject to human bias. She urged audience members to “trust [their] gut and morals” when consulting A.I.-generated information, in consideration of its imperfections. 

The artificial intelligence expert concluded her remarks by describing a “race to intimacy,” whereby A.I. and its developers are seeking to replicate human connections. Warning of this phenomenon, Dirks prompted the audience to especially consider three questions: “Who am I? Whose am I? And who am I called to be?”

Responding to panelist Dr. David Schmidt, PhD.’s qualms about A.I.’s potential to replace humans, Dirks assured the crowd that any legitimate threats to job security stemming from developments in A.I. will not emerge for at least a decade. If she is wrong, however, Dirks joked that she’d “buy [Schmidt] a drink.”
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