Being a senior has its perks—and its expenses. 

Not only are there the typical costs of textbooks, study materials, campuswide events, etc. to consider—but there are also additional expenses that members of the senior class are compelled to pay to make the most of their last year at Fairfield.

My friends and I often joke about picking up extra shifts at work to keep up with this year’s costs. And although we laugh, it’s true. This year is expensive! 

To break it down for you, here are some of the costs that seniors have undertaken this year and that others can anticipate for their senior year:

  • Cap and gown: $60 ($80 with tax and shipping)
  • Tassel: $9
  • Fairfield University diploma frame: $163-$174 (depending on the type of frame)
  • Graduation announcements: $93-$120 (depending on the package that you select)
  • Senior Class Gift: $24 (this year’s events included: Welcome Back Dinner with Colony Pizza, Senior Class Gift Night at Leo D. Mahoney Arena, Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at the Grape and Senior Champagne Toast)
  • NAUTs: $70 (these are traditional, weekly themed senior gatherings at rotating student beach houses) 
  • Class sweatshirt: $75
  • Senior week: TBD (the week leading up to graduation that includes optional, paid events like Senior Picnic, Family Dance, Commencement Ball, etc.)
  • Mock Wedding: TBD  (a student-run tradition that is taking place at Anthony’s Ocean View this year)
  • Oktoberfest at the SeaGrape: $52
  • Christmas Pregame at the SeaGrape: $15
  • ShamJam at the SeaGrape: $45

Aside from these costs, most seniors have also paid to attend the Presidential Ball ($40) and will pay for upcoming University events including the Spring Concert (TBD) and ClamJam (TBD) festivities. 

My advice: if you are someone who wants to attend every senior event during your last year at Fairfield, start saving up now! 


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