If you haven’t listened to boygenius yet, you’re missing out. 

The supergroup consists of Phoebe Bridgers, who is well known for her songs “I Know The End” and “Motion Sickness,” Lucy Dacus who is most known for “Night Shift” and Julien Baker, who is most known for “Vanish Point.” 

The group’s first album, “boygenius,” was released in 2018 after each member had released a successful solo album. A similar pattern followed before the release of “the record” in 2023; each member created another solo album and toured before joining forces yet again to create a new album as a group.

“The record” album cover. Photo from @xboygeniusx on Instagram.

The second time around, however, boygenius received new found media attention that was not received entirely during their first album. They made videos with Genius, a popular youtube channel for musicians to talk about their albums and analyze their songs. They had a profile of them done by Rolling Stones, one of the biggest music magazines in the world. They performed on Stephen Colbert’s late night show and on SNL. To add on to it all, they were nominated for five Grammys for “the record”. Needless to say, boygenius is no longer an underground indie group.

I started off as a fan of Bridgers solo music, so when I saw that boygenius was releasing a new album, I knew I had to listen right away. I can certainly see why it would be an acquired taste; I don’t think I could ever ask a country fan to listen to this album and expect them to enjoy it. However, I do think that “the record” is a perfect mix of slow, sad, and fast rock, tied together with a beautiful ribbon of lyricism. 

It was difficult to pick out which songs I thought were the best, since they are all arguably well produced and written, but a few stand outs for me were “True Blue,” “Letter to An Old Poet,” “Cool About It” and “Not Strong Enough.” I really connected with these for personal reasons, and that’s the beauty of their music. No matter what song you’re listening to, you can resonate with it for a different reason.

I found the lyrics in “Not Strong Enough,” “Always an angel, never a God,” to resonate with not only my own feelings, but with certain book and movie characters I’ve always loved as well. 

“Once I took your medication to know what it’s like, now I have to act like I can’t read your mind,” was another line from “Cool About It” that really resonated with me– what a creative and fascinating way to put that feeling into words! 

I would recommend listening to “the record” for the first time when you’re able to process the lyrics– when you’re studying or reading, for example. If you listen to the album on a whim, it’s very easy to miss the beauty of each of the songs and how you resonate with each of them. 

If boygenius is following their pattern from their last album, it’s very likely that they will create more solo music and tour again individually. While it’s sad that there won’t be more music any time soon, it means you’re able to enjoy “the record” before any new music comes out!

By Liz Morin

English (Creative Writing) and Digital Journalism || Politics Minor