Fairfield students are being treated to a caffeinated surprise this Thursday, as Fairfield-based Bigelow Tea has stopped by outside the library to offer complimentary tea to the Fairfield community. The company is also on campus to shoot footage for a commercial, its third in a new series of promotions.

Not only is the tea complimentary, but just as the signs around the shoot say, those participating are being filmed for the advertisement.

Signs surround the set to warn students that they may be filmed (Photo taken by Peyton Perry)

Production assistant Peter Landeck says, “After a cold and windy start in Boston on Monday, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect today in Fairfield.”

Naturally, the Rearview could not resist learning more about this delicious development from those involved over a cup of piping hot tea.

Beyond brewing tea as a family business since 1945, the company is also dedicated to promoting renewable energy and sustainability in all of its endeavors.

“Maintaining a healthy social and environmental impact is a huge part of our status as a ‘Certified B’ company,” says employee Cindy Manning. 

“Bigelow’s headquarters is solar powered and we’ve donated approximately one ton of our harvested vegetables to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission over the past decade.”

Cindi Bigelow, president and chief executive officer of the company, was kind enough to offer more about her family business’ tireless efforts to reduce waste and promote the three R’s of sustainability.

“We’re very big on recyclable materials, and we even have a composting initiative within the office itself,” says Bigelow. 

“If everyone does just that little bit more, we can really make a difference in the world.”

Students should be on the lookout for new Bigelow commercials in the coming weeks. Who knows which faces you might recognize?

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