The COVID-19 pandemic gave many people the free time to pursue passions they were unable to before lockdown. Many people started exercising, writing, cooking, and even starting their own businesses. However, when the restrictions were lifted and everyone went back to work, it became difficult to maintain these passions. 

Fortunately, for sisters Madison Governale ‘26 and Paige Governale ‘27, the lockdown being lifted wasn’t the end for them. 

“We had a lot of free time on our hands due to our summer jobs being canceled. Paige and I began to exhaust some of our old hobbies to keep us busy, like tie-dye, drawing, painting, and jewelry making,” said Madison Governale. 

These hobbies turned into their company, Wave Creations, which has been running for four years in May. 

Photo from @shopwavecreations on Instagram.

“It was the support of people online that inspired us to turn these hobbies into a business. We began posting some of our creations on social media and the positive feedback we received from people across the world is what ultimately led us to decide to sell some of our creations.”

Since Wave Creations was founded, they have amassed 11.4 thousand followers on Instagram and 186.5 thousand followers on TikTok through collaborations with popular content creators like Lexi Hidalgo

“Right now, we carry a line of beach wear apparel and handmade jewelry. We come up with all of our product lines together,” said Paige Governale, “Each creation shares a different story, as we not only offer a lifestyle but our own personal connection to every product. Every collection is inspired by places we have been to or plan to travel one day.”

Now, the Governales are a part of the Dolan School of Business’s yearly Shark Tank-style competition called Start Up Showcase. Along with several other student businesses, they will pitch their company to a group of alumni investors in hopes of securing funding.

“The Startup program this year has also created a large impact on both of us considering we got to learn even more about our business and practice pitching our company in front of angel investors,” commented Madison Governale.

Paige is majoring in mathematics and Madison is majoring in business marketing and management; both believe their majors and coursework have helped them develop their business as they are learning from veterans in the field.

The Governales’ balance running their business with school by using organizing apps such as Notion and Google Calendar for scheduling. 

“We manage very well considering our college schedules are a little more custom compared to when we were running our business in high school. We can plan meetings and join clubs that support our business and entrepreneurial spirit vs in high school where our schedules were a little more crammed with running the business,” said Madison Governale.

For their future business plans, they want to scale their business and get their name out to reach more people within beach and outdoor communities. Wave Creations targets beach lovers and people who enjoy wearing trendy apparel, so they would love to create a line of swimwear as well and are hoping to do so next summer. 

The Governales shared a word of advice for Fairfield students who are looking to start their own businesses. 

“Just start and do what makes you happy. You learn so much about yourself and about others when it comes to starting a business and it is a very interesting experience. We have connected with thousands of people all across the globe and we couldn’t have even imagined our business growing to this point,” said Madison Governale. 

The Governales recently pitched their business at  Fairfield University’s Startup Showcase on April 25th, where they secured seed funding to help grow their business.