As a current junior at Fairfield University, my roommates and I recently began to consider the fact that we are approaching senior year. As I began to think about senior year, the year full of lasts, I also began to reflect on all my favorite memories and traditions at this school. 

My favorite stories to tell about Fairfield and my favorite tradition always goes back to the Presidential Ball. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, attending Pres Ball is a necessity— at least once in your time at Fairfield. 

When I asked my friends the same question about their favorite Fairfield tradition, they all had the same exact answer. You can hear the buzz about it starting at the beginning of the year– people asking and speculating about when it will be and guessing the theme before it is released. It is a great way to bring the student body together!

Even the leadup to the event itself is a highlight. The exhilaration of getting your tickets, going dress shopping with friends, picking out shoes and choosing the hairstyles we want to attempt. 

Then comes the day itself. The absolute joy of getting all dressed up with your closest friends, taking pictures, singing and dancing together in preparation for the night. Finding the perfect playlist to hype you up for the big dance. 

Entering the event and seeing everyone having a blast is like escaping reality for a night, just dancing and singing to your heart’s content. I look forward to Pres Ball every year. 

There is something so heartwarming about the opportunity to just be young and have fun—to see everyone around you having laughs and a good time. Not to mention the many accommodations Fairfield has to offer like food trucks, buffets, photo ops, etc! 

I have heard that the mac and cheese bites are legendary if you get an opportunity to try them. Also the ice cream truck on the way out is a must grab!

When I was discussing it with my friends, we thought about how we only have one Pres Ball left together and it really put things into perspective. 

Learning to take advantage of these memorable moments at school is so important. Before you know it, you will be experiencing all your lasts. 

Telling your friends and family at home about the fun from the night, going through pictures and reminiscing, is an incredible experience that I cannot recommend enough for fellow stags!


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