Fairfield University’s Senior Associate Director of Housing Operations Charles Sousa announced on Monday night that the University does not plan to assign students to converted triples next year, in light of the ongoing construction of a new residential building by Faber Hall. 

The announcement was made as part of the Inter-Residential Housing Association’s (IRHA) biannual town hall, where attendees had the opportunity to ask housing officials questions regarding the housing lottery process and express their concerns about campus life. 

Pictures of the ongoing construction near Faber Hall on Fairfield University’s North Benson campus
(Photos taken by Julián Nazario ’26)

A first-year student who is part of her building’s residential housing association (RHA) kickstarted the public forum section of the event by asking whether rising sophomores would be assigned to triples such as those many students were placed in when they were accepted to Fairfield.

Sousa explained that with a new building expected to open for the next academic year near Faber Hall, the University is not expecting to assign students to converted or “forced” triples, a term used by students to refer to former doubles that were transformed into triples.

The new building, which is being constructed between Faber Hall and the Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts parking lot, has received the temporary name of “Faber North”, as discussed by Sousa. It will be a dormitory with traditional housing features for sophomore students living on campus. 

According to Sousa, the new building will be equipped with rooms able to house two or three students. 

“From what I have seen in the drawings, it’s going to have lots of lounge space and its own separate laundry room. Based on the conceptual drawings, it looks like a really cool building,” Sousa emphasized when asked by students about the configuration of Faber North.

Another announcement that drew reactions from the crowd was the upcoming transformation of 70 McCormick Hall into a fully first-year residential hall. 

“As of right now, we are anticipating that McCormick [Hall] will be a fully first-year building,” said Sousa in response to questions from The Rearview

His answer drew gasps from some audience members that had been mostly quiet.

Historically, 70 McCormick Road has housed sophomores and first-year students. However, with the overpopulation of the North Benson campus and enrollment records being broken yet again, the building composition was changed for the 2023-2024 academic year to house both first and second-year students. 

Regarding the perception that there are mechanisms for students to obtain a better housing pick, Associate Director of the Office of Residence Life Niquita Dietrich debunked rumored claims and explained that only first-year students who have resided in a triple throughout their first semester until Feb. 25 would be bumped in their housing lottery. 

Students who “de-triple” before the lottery process will lose their priority pick, according to Dietrich.

Sousa also explained that current residents of Build-a-House who apply and are accepted back into the program receive “priority pick” for their class year. 

The Housing Lottery process will start on February 6 at 9:00 a.m. when the housing application opens. 

As listed in a Residence Life communication, the first round of housing selection will begin at 9:00 a.m. on March 13 and will extend until March 22. 


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