Noah Kahan has taken the music industry by storm this past year with the release of his album Stick Season. Today, he released two new collaborations and a new song called “Forever” for excited fans to listen to.

Though Kahan has been around for many years, his fame really took off in 2023 in light of his social media presence on Tik Tok. 

Through Tik Tok, he releases clips and teasers of his songs to grasp the attention and interest of people who are into the folk/indie music scene. Stick Season quickly gained popularity, reaching millions of listeners starting with the title track release. The track release was promptly followed by the release of the first song on the tracklist, “Northern Attitude.” 

Then Kahan decided to pull a Taylor Swift move and add bonus vault-like tracks to Stick Season like “We’ll All Be Here Forever.” He included seven additional songs, including an extended version of the closing track “The View Between Villages” that he had previously teased on Tik Tok. 

Next for Kahan were the collabs. Kahan picked up the nickname “Folk Malone” by many of his fans over the years. He then promptly teased a collab with Post Malone on one of his songs, “Dial Drunk,” and posted a Tik Tok hinting at who the collab would be with. 

Fans quickly put the collaboration together and went crazy over the news— “Folk Malone” and Post Malone in one song became a major buzz in the music industry. When the song was released, it quickly gained traction as one of Kahan’s more popular songs. 

With the success of this collaboration, fans began to wonder if he would venture into more collaborations with other artists and even began to make their own requests. Shortly after his feature with Post Malone, Kahan teased a new collaboration with his song “Call Your Mom,” a beautiful ballad dedicated to mental health and perseverance. He announced a re-record including Lizzie McAlpine, another big Indie artist. 

Fans began to claim he seemed to be “collecting” collaborations like infinity stones, which if you are unfamiliar with the Marvel universe basically just means he is racking up collaborations as Thanos collects the stones in the Avengers series.  

Shortly after the release of  “Call Your Mom,” Zach Bryan released an EP which included “Sarah’s Place (feat. Noah Kahan),” bridging the gap between the folk and country genres. 

This opened the gateway for his next collaboration, “She Calls Me Back” with Kacey Musgraves. Country and folk fans alike were united in their love for this bending of the rules within various music genres. 

Next came what could potentially be Kahan’s biggest collaboration yet—one that had been long requested but still came as a shock to listeners: “Northern Attitude” featuring Hozier. 

Hozier and Kahan share similar fan bases, so this release was huge for both artists. News of this spread like wildfire on social media and people were ecstatic. 

His latest collaborations have included  “Everywhere, Everything” with Gracie Abrams— a song which took everyone by surprise in an amazing way. Abrams even performed it at one of her shows. Another recent project has been “Homesick” with Sam Fender, an artist Kahan claimed inspired his album Stick Season in the first place. 

Kahan has even more projects to come. On January 24, he posted that not one but two new collaborations would come out on February 9, putting fans in a frenzy. The Tik Tok included a hangman type of aesthetic, since he included a feature line with the letters equaling the names of the collaborations; people loved speculating who they thought it would be. 

Kahan revealed that the February collabs would feature Brandi Carlile and Gregory Alan Isakov for his songs “You’re Gonna Go Far” and “Paul Revere” respectively. 

In addition to the two new collaborations coming out on February 9, Kahan is also dropping a song called “Forever” that he teased on Tik Tok last year. Fans have since been looking forward to its release. 

Noah Kahan has stated that this will be the last installment of the “Stick Season Era” and that he will be releasing new music soon. 

All Noah Kahan fans (myself included) have been patiently waiting for today, the bittersweet ending to an incredible era for folk and indie music!


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