Fairfield University Student Association’s inaugural Health and Wellness Committee continues to host new events on behalf of the student body. 

FUSA added a new committee this semester to help maintain good health among the student body. The student committee was formed after recognizing the administration’s pre-existing Health and Wellness Committee. 

In order to bridge the gap between students and administration, FUSA President Aliyah Seenauth ‘24 and Vice President Zachary Vargas ‘24 wanted to follow suit by developing a student committee that works in conjunction with the administrative committee and offers student perspectives.

Julia Kormylo ‘24, the co-chair of the new committee, describes it as an entity within FUSA that seeks to “represent the Jesuit values of mind, body and spirit” by helping students with their mental, physical and spiritual health in the midst of school stress.

Alongside her co-chair, Andrew Mejia-Hernandez ‘26, and a team of seven other students, Kormylo decided to split the committee into seven respective branches each attributed to a different student representative. 

The seven branches include: (1) Fitness and Nutrition; (2) Student Wellness; (3) Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness; (4) Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Awareness; (5) Spirituality and Holistic Wellbeing; (6) Mental Health; and (7) Health and Safety. Each branch brings with it new initiatives and programs to bolster student health and wellness within the campus community. 

The Fitness and Nutrition representative is in the process of designating a dietary nutritionist and bodybuilder to guide students at the RecPlex. This professional will teach students how to eat in accordance with their fitness goals, lift weights properly and will help students safely navigate competitive gym culture. One specific educational component of this program will teach students to appropriately measure pre-workout protein and natural protein in their diets. Meanwhile, the Student Wellness representative is in the process of planning an annual event focused on heart health that includes CPR/AED and EKG training in collaboration with In A Heartbeat Inc.

The Sexual Assault Awareness branch is another sector looking to make an impact on campus. The branch already hosted educational gatherings including a self-defense class with Cardio Kick, a health and fitness club in Fairfield to teach students how to defend themselves. Students in this branch are currently working on an initiative to distribute cup covers, says Kormylo.  

Toward the beginning of the semester, the Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Awareness branch saw a great turnout at “Rethink Your Drink,” an event encouraging safe practices with drinking. Activities included a drunk goggles experiment, an alcohol measuring exhibit, a display of resources for psychological and counseling services at Fairfield University and a “questions and answers” game using a spinning wheel that ended in giveaways with items such as gift cards. 

The Mental Health representative has planned out events such as “Destress for Success,” an event in between midterms and finals intended to help students relax their minds before they take on a heavy load of studying, as well as a meditation through music event called “Recharging Minds and Connecting Through Music,” hosted by Sonic Connections

More than this, the Spirituality and Holistic Wellbeing branch has focused on an “Exploring Grief” event in order for students to foster conversation around the universal sentiment.

Health and Safety has been a big focus for the group, as Kormylo and her team emphasize the fact that “this isn’t just school. You live here. You want it to be clean and safe.”  

In order to maintain the committee’s goals, the group hosted a clean-up in Faber Hall in October and plans to host similar events in the future. The Health and Safety branch is also planning a meet and greet with donuts and coffee with the Department of Public Safety, as part of their Department of Public Safety appreciation week. This emphasis on the Department of Public Safety is intended to promote safety on campus and allow the students to get to know public safety officers.  

“FUSA’s goal as the student government is to bridge the gap between the student body and the administration,” says Kormylo. Under the leadership of Kormylo and Mejia-Hernandez, the team seems to be doing just that.