The final string of games for the NFL regular season were played this past weekend, the first such games since Damar Hamlin collapsed on Monday night. Throughout the weekend teams dedicated plays, shared moments, and brought attention to the support of Hamlin and his journey back to health. 

The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Las Vegas Raiders Saturday night in the first game since Hamlin’s health scare. Both teams took the field for warm-ups in shirts and sweatshirts supporting Hamlin. 

The second game played on Saturday night was between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. For warm-ups these two teams also wore clothing in support of Hamlin, but they also shared a pregame prayer. Both teams took the center of the field to come together and pray for Hamlin’s health and recovery. 

Much attention this weekend was focused on the Bills organization. On Sunday the Bills hosted the Patriots in their first public showing since last Monday night. Many of the players wore number 3 in representation of Hamlin as they arrived at the stadium. They also had number 3 patches stitched onto their jerseys for the game. The Bills’ first play of the game was a really special moment for the team. On the first kickoff of the game, the Bills returned the kick for a 98-yard touchdown

After the game, Bills quarterback Josh Allen became emotional as he spoke about the kick return being the first play of the game. Allen said, “ You want the truth, it was spiritual. It really was.” 

The Indianapolis Colts safety, Rodney Thomas II, is a former teammate of Hamlin’s from high school. After Thomas made an interception, himself and his teammates ran over to number 3 on the field and held up a heart for Hamlin. 

During the afternoon game on Sunday, the Denver Broncos played the Los Angeles Chargers. Prior to the game Russel Wilson and Derwin James II, both number 3, met on the field and took a knee in prayer.  

Photo from @foxnews on Twitter.

Since Monday night when Hamlin was rushed to the hospital in Cincinnati, he has made remarkable progress. As of Monday, January 9, Hamlin has been released from the hospital and has made his way home to Buffalo. The league continues to show support in his recovery and return to the game. 

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