Hot takes are so common in the sports community that there are a number of talk shows dedicated to them. Every week I’ll give a small spiel about some of my favorites or some that I just feel passionate about. 

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

(Photo courtesy of @tmz_tv Instagram)

The talk surrounding these two being together has been going on for almost a month now, when does it end? The media coverage is unbelievable, being published on all platforms—even press conferences with teams other than the Chiefs are being asked about it. It’s being brought up on sports talk shows, podcasts from all different realms and even some news stations. 

I definitely like these two together, but I think the media coverage needs to slow down. During the last four Chiefs games, half the time the channels streaming the games were cutting the camera to Taylor Swift. I know for a fact that dads in their late 50s are not tuning into a Chiefs game to watch Taylor Swift talk to Travis’ mother, Donna. 

All in all, I think it’s time the world took a chill pill about Taylor and Travis. 

Connor Bedard in the NHL

(Photo courtesy of @nhl Instagram)

Connor Bedard, an eighteen-year-old NHL sensation, took the NHL community by storm over these last couple weeks as the number one pick in the draft. With the season just beginning, and preseason wrapping up, fans are getting a taste into whether he’ll be living up to the hype. 

The media coverage is too much, far too much. The pressure put on this kid to now live up to the expectations placed upon him is unbelievable. Since he played on opening night of the NHL, basically every other post on the @nhl Instagram has been about Bedard. On Tuesday, October 10 alone, the NHL posted Bedard a total of 15 times. He was the face of the post 15 times—it’s quite ridiculous if you ask me. 

In no way am I saying that he is a bad player; I’m a Bruins fan and he scored his first NHL goal against us the other night. He probably is going to be a star, but he’s got a long way to go in this league. The league should stop pretending he’s the only one on the Chicago Blackhawks. 

Patriots Moving on from Belichick 

(Photo courtesy of @patriots Instagram)

Not quite sure if this is 100 percent a hot take or not…I’m a Patriots fan and for some of us this can be quite the hot take. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick did win us multiple championships and AFC titles. But some are saying it was all Tom Brady, now that he is struggling to even make the playoffs with Mac Jones. There’s no doubt Belichick is a great coach, but unfortunately, I think that ‘is’ should now be a ‘was’, at least in terms of the Patriots. 

This franchise needs a new start and maybe some fresh coaching staff will help them out. It truly is unfortunate, but I don’t see this team getting their act together under Belichick’s coaching anytime soon. 

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