When people think of the NFL, football, fantasy leagues and the Super Bowl are some of the top things that come to mind. But what about behind the scenes? 

One of the major factors often forgotten about are the “WAGS”, also known as the wives and girlfriends of the players. These ladies have risen to new popularity thanks to social media. 

One WAG who has found herself at the center of many NFL conversations is Kristin Juszczyk, wife of Kyle Juszczyk, a fullback for the San Francisco 49ers. Kristin started reworking old, dated pieces of clothing into iconic and unique gameday outfits. 

Courtesy of New York Post. L-R: Kristin Juszczyk, Kyle Juszczyk, George Kittle, Claire Kittle

With the help of social media, Kristin has gained a huge fan base that stretches beyond the faithful 49ers fans. Fans can follow her TikTok (@KristinJuszczyk) to see her weekly creations come to life. 

While Kristin’s reworking journey started a couple of seasons ago, she reached new limits this season as celebrities started to partner with her. Some of her most notable collaborations include Brittany Mahomes, Simone Biles, Taylor Lautner, Olivia Culpo and Taylor Swift. The pieces created for these celebrities range from puffer jackets and vests made of jerseys to vintage letterman-inspired jackets to corset tops made from crewneck shirts. 

Kristin’s eye for new life from old clothing is sweeping the NFL by storm and has even inspired fans to pay closer attention to the league. 

Fairfield junior, Ella Panasci, shares her thoughts on the WAGS of the NFL. 

“I really like seeing the wives and girlfriends and the fashion side of it. It’s cool to see them have their part in football. It grabs my attention because I do not really pay attention to football,” she says. 

As the NFL season draws to a close, fans can continue to watch Kristin’s ideas come to life, as well as the additional behind-the-scenes content from other notorious WAGS.