An armed gunman took the lives of three college students at Michigan State University on February 13—a day before the fifth anniversary of the Parkland Shooting that stole the lives of 17 high school students on Valentine’s day in 2018. As an institution of higher education, it is disheartening that Fairfield University has yet to comment on this tragedy. 

Regardless of political stance on the matter of gun violence, it is appalling that the university has not commented on the recent shooting that took place. In fact, in an effort to see whether other Connecticut universities’ acknowledged the tragic event, including Sacred Heart University, Quinnipiac University and the University of Connecticut (UCONN), it seems as though only UCONN spoke out publicly against gun violence following the shooting. 

As discussed in an article published by The Washington Post, universities serve as an easy target for gun violence considering the openness of campus and multiple-building layout, which can be worrisome to students. Additionally, Newtown, Conn. is less than an hour away from Fairfield’s campus and the location of another mass shooting that occurred eleven years ago. Many of the students at Fairfield University are within the age range of students who experienced the Sandy Hook and Parkland tragedies, and have personal connections to these tragic events. 

As someone who knows multiple students who attend Michigan State, I would like to see our university send support to Michigan in some capacity, as well as to make a statement to ease the minds of students on our own campus. 

The lack of outreach from Fairfield to these students who were directly affected by past shootings gives the impression of a lack of empathy. This is a difficult time for students as we have been affected by these tragedies from a young age. 

Fairfield University should spend more resources on addressing campus gun violence than on reprimanding the events that occurred at Santa Con. Our campus community should give public support at this time to Michigan State, as well as provide on-campus resources for students.

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