FAIRFIELD, Conn.— Fairfield University students gathered outside of the Dimenna-Nyselius library to watch a partial solar eclipse at its peak time on Mon, April 8.

“I can’t believe how many people showed up,” said Nora Walsh ’26.

While Conn. is not in the path of totality, the moon covered about 91 percent of the sun at its peak time of 3:26pm, according to NASA. The solar eclipse began at 2:12pm and lasted until 4:37pm for Fairfield residents, also according to NASA.

Students gradually dispersed from the library lawn at around 3:45pm.

(Image of NASA’s Eclipse Explorer for Fairfield, Conn.)

During this time, it was not safe for students to look up at the sun unless they were wearing protective eclipse glasses. 

An article by The Washington Post states the dangers that can occur without proper eye protection. According to the article, the light from the sun can “quickly fry” the back of one’s retina, causing solar retinopathy or “eclipse blindness.”

Several students said that the library staff handed out eclipse glasses for students to watch the solar eclipse safely during the event.

Fairfield University student reporter, Julián Nazario ‘26, shared some helpful tips for students as well. 

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