Fairfield University rose 66 ranks in The Wall Street Journal and College Pulse’s list of “Best Colleges in the U.S.” The 2024 rankings, published in collaboration with Statista, place Fairfield 124th among the top 400 colleges and universities in the United States. This news marks a considerable jump for the university from its 2022 ranking, which placed the institution 190th on the list. 

The Wall Street Journal revealed the methodology behind these rankings, by which it generated scores for each college in a process weighing “student outcomes (70 percent),” “learning environment (20 percent)” and “diversity (10 percent).”

Fairfield’s overall score of 72.9 places it 11 spots above similarly ranked Providence College, and just 16 spots below Saint Joseph’s University, a fellow Jesuit school. Competing Jesuit institution Boston College rose 12 places, from 57th place to 45th place, while neighbor Sacred Heart secured a position as 263rd on this 2024 list of top colleges.

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