Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi is hesitant to continue with the United States’ attempt at revitalizing its 2015 nuclear deal amid new talks of sanctions from American legislators.

House lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would formalize sanctions on Iran, with the intention of inhibiting missile development and/or the operation of Iranian-supported terrorist organizations. A bipartisan project, the Solidify Iran Sanctions Act (SISA) has been met with opposition from Raisi. 

The prospect of new sanctions has been made all the more notable by the recent stabbing of controversial novelist Salman Rushdie in New York City. Iran’s longtime ban on Rushdie’s writings has ignited speculation about its influence on the novelist’s attacker.

House Representative Michelle Steel (R-CA), one of the bill’s leading proponents, says, “From brutal abuses committed against its own people, to its never-ending threats towards free and democratic societies, the Iranian regime has proven time and again that they are a rogue state with no interest in preserving regional or global peace,” according to a Fox News report.

With such talks underway, Raisi is unwavering in his skepticism toward the nuclear deal. The proposal, which involves the United States and five other powers, seeks to restrict Iran’s nuclear force in exchange for minimized sanctions. Due to the simultaneous development of SISA alongside talks of a renewed nuclear deal, Raisi does not condone the coexistence of such dealings.

On Monday morning Raisi also reported no plans of meeting Biden at the United Nations’ General Assembly. He is now asking for a “guarantee” that the United States will not back out of the nuclear deal.


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