Whether your Halloween costumes are spooky, nostalgic or purely comical, one thing is for certain: the best costumes require some element of forethought. 

Could you throw on a jersey or some cat ears and call it a day? Sure…but where’s the fun in that? Halloween is quickly approaching and the clock is ticking—but fear not! If you’ve got a busy schedule, or brainstorming isn’t your thing, here’s a list of some of my go-to costume ideas! 

Quick and convenient, these are my top five “Do It Yourself Halloween” looks:

  1. The Vacationer

This costume is fun and easy. Grab the floral shirt that sits untouched in the closet or buy one on Amazon; throw on some sunglasses and flip flops and you’ll be good to go. Top off the look with some blush and poorly applied sunscreen on your nose to recreate a sunburned glow. 

Convince a few friends to join in on this easy trend too! 

  1. Taylor Swift (Pick an Era)

If you were lucky enough to go to Taylor Swift’s iconic “Eras Tour” last summer, Halloween is the perfect time to repurpose your outfit. Assuming you dressed for success at Taylor’s show, wear your Eras outfit and be (XYZ era) Taylor Swift! 

While this might be a little bit of a cop out, when else can you get away with such creative and glamorous outfits? Showcase your sparkle and re-live the concert experience this Halloween! 

It’s important to note that this costume idea is not exclusive to concert-goers. Any Swiftie can join in with a little help from Amazon’s many cheap accessories and a couple Google searches into Taylor’s fashion through the years.

There are so many “eras” to choose from, and a bunch of ways to customize your costume! 

  1. The Lifeguard

In similar fashion to “The Vacationer,” this look is an easy summery costume. If you or someone you know has a career history as a lifeguard, borrow the classic red uniform clothes, whistle and fanny pack and be on your way! 

Unmistakeable, funny and easy! Use the same sunscreen and blush trick for extra credit! 

  1. The Girl Scout

Perhaps the easiest of the costume choices is “The Girl Scout.” All you need is a material cross body sash and some time to craft funny badges! I did this costume a few years ago; a friend and I cut circular badges out of paper, decorated them with markers to make silly fake awards and glued them to our sashes.

Put the decorated sash over a white shirt and the look is complete! A hair bow is always a bonus. 

  1. The Grease Lightning

If you’ve got a leather jacket and are pressed for time, “The Grease Lightning” is a classic costume! Throw your jacket over a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Wear converse if you’ve got them and rock your 50s costume! 

For extra creativity, big jewelry, a comb, hair gel, and a smug remark seal the deal on this costume. Perfect and easy for guys and girls alike!

Hopefully these quick costumes help you this Halloween! 

Email us (student.rearview@gmail.com) or send us an Instagram message (@therearviewmedia) with any of your costume ideas and enjoy the festivities!


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