When to start playing Christmas music: the debate that never seems to have a definite conclusion. 

Nearly everyone has a different opinion on this topic. 

If you’re me, the most wonderful time of the year begins the second that summer ends. In my opinion, August is an appropriate time to start listening to Jingle Bell Rock and Frank Sinatra’s rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (a personal favorite of mine). 

But if you’re my mother, Christmas music is strictly prohibited in the house until after Thanksgiving dinner has been  eaten. It gets very heated in my household when I play Christmas music in my room and my mom catches wind of it. 

Most people can agree that there’s a clear divide in the debate. Should Christmas music be played before or after Thanksgiving?

My roommates and I are divided two and two on this debacle.

And  upon surveying other friends and family members, there remained a pretty even split on the topic. Both sides are very passionate in their opinions too. 

If it were up to me, the Christmas tree would be up the second Halloween ends, but that is a whole other debate. 

Radio stations have a common trend each year where they begin playing Christmas music earlier and earlier. This year, it was right after Halloween when I first heard the FM stations playing Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. I personally enjoy the jolliness. And hey, if your old car is the same age as you are, sometimes FM radio is your only option!

Those who choose to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving do so to feel that merry spirit and special happiness that only comes one time of year. Why not try to extend that feeling of nostalgia and joy that warms people’s hearts? 

My answer to this ongoing debate would be: the appropriate time to start listening to Christmas music is whenever you as an individual need to feel the spirit of Christmas.

I, for one, am listening to Chritsmas music as we speak. But there’s no universal date. That’s the true spirit of Christmas– being able to enjoy it when you are ready.