A campus power outage circa 9:05am sparked shutdowns and lockouts across Fairfield University’s campus. 

Student sources reported that certain residence halls and academic buildings were locked. These lockouts and lacking wifi disrupted 9:30am class meetings. 

Photos contributed by Julián Nazario ’26.

We were witness to the Tully operating at a limited capacity, while the on-campus Dunkin closed.

Students were asked to evacuate the RecPlex following the power outage, stopping fitness classes shortly after 9am. Spin instructor Alexandra Emanuel ‘24 was teaching when the power outage occurred.

“It shut the whole thing down and everyone had to leave,” she shared. 

A RecPlex faculty member said that the University’s “emergency power” had to be saved for classroom activities and the Department of Public Safety was investigating the matter.

One student claimed to witness a bright flash by McAuliffe Hall followed by a “loud bang” at around the time of the power outage. 

“I was walking from the Canisius lot to the Barone Campus Center, and a giant bright light flashes in the distance through the trees around where McAuliffe would be…along with a loud bang,” said Pedro Garcia ‘24. 

“I thought it was someone flickering the lights at the soccer field,” he said. 

The power came back on at 10:23 am.


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