Fairfield University’s campus continues to experience internet issues after a community power outage occurred Tuesday morning. The university community and the larger town of Fairfield experienced a power outage, according to an email sent by the university’s “StagAlert” system.

The email notified students and faculty that the university resorted to on-campus generators, which were experiencing a “heavier-than-normal load.” Campus residents were asked to reduce their electricity usage until the issue was resolved.  

The power outage impacted many students and faculty across campus. Several students reported power flickers in campus housing and classrooms, loss of wifi connection and even class cancellation. Fairfield’s guest wifi, specifically, was down for multiple hours with access regained in the late afternoon. Many students rely on this wifi network for general internet usage on campus.

Junior Joseph Westhoff expressed frustration with the faulty wifi impacting his productivity. “I couldn’t get my computer science homework done in time because it was on all the computer,” he relayed.

Another student, James Marvellis, said he was taking a FAR CPA practice exam at the campus library when the internet issues occurred, nearly losing all of his progress three hours into his exam.

The Rearview surveyed a small group of students around 5 p.m. and asked whether they were still experiencing internet issues. 85 percent of the respondents said that they were. 

Junior Grace Calandrella said that her TV is still not functioning properly “because the wifi is unreliable at the moment.”

The power outage was the largest disruption to internet connection so far this semester and the only one that has caused full, albeit brief, disruption within the campus community this year.


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