Fort Lauderdale is  every college student’s playground for one week each March. With clear water and something for everyone, the city is one of the world’s most coveted spring break destinations. But, if you neglect the expectations of this city, just how amazing is Fort Lauderdale?  

One of the pros of Fort Lauderdale is its location. Located in south Florida, the city provides a stereotypical spring break experience. Staying within the United States means American spring-breakers avoid the hassle of customs, passports and navigating a foreign country. Fort Lauderdale is also only a three-hour flight from most cities in the North East, providing a warm escape in just a few hours. 

Vacationers can also personalize their stay here. The city boasts a variety of restaurants, ranging from popular fast-food chains, like Taco Bell and Subway, to fancy steakhouses and fine-dining experiences. If you are looking for recommendations, Lona Concina and Burlock Coast quickly became my favorite spots. 

Similar to its restaurants, the activities offered are sure to appeal to everyone. For those looking to relax during their stay, miles of white sand beaches and warm water await you. However, if you seek adventure, banana boats, jet skis and parasailing can also be found. 

The variety of food and activities ensures that your experience in Fort Lauderdale is what you want it to be!

While the city is an ideal location and has something for everyone, there are still some cons. Long wait times, expensive Ubers and crowds are also parts of the Fort Lauderdale spring-break experience. 

Walking around the main part of the strip is almost impossible due to the immense amount of people. If you are traveling in a group, I suggest a single-file formation with linked arms to get through. To avoid the crowds the best you can, book reservations in advance, walk as much as possible and find lesser-known beaches and restaurants to hang out at. 

Fort Lauderdale is not for the faint of heart during spring break. But, if you allow yourself at least two to three months to prepare — mentally, physically and emotionally—you have nothing to fear. 

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