About Us

The Rearview is a student-run media organization that serves as an outlet for community members to publish professional journalistic content through a variety of subjects and mediums, including news, opinion and business writing, video, and podcasts. 

Here at The Rearview, we value creativity, collaboration, reflection and growth. We extend the opportunity to publish content on our platform to any and all members of the Fairfield community.

Our organization serves as an alternative source of media on campus, allowing community members to consume diverse perspectives about relevant happenings through new mediums not previously offered on campus. 

The Rearview intends to foster a culture where members of the Fairfield community feel comfortable reporting and/or analyzing any issue in a respectful manner. The Rearview intends to facilitate an environment where all work is respected and celebrated, while giving content creators ample opportunity to receive feedback. 

For participants interested in video production, The Rearview produces various video segments on our website and is looking for students eager to produce their own videos, taking advantage of the resources in the Media Center on campus. 

For those interested in podcasts, The Rearview serves as an outlet for podcast production and asks students to edit and submit podcasts using any recording platform they see fit; we ask that music is edited out of radio segments for copyright purposes. 

All submissions will be evaluated by our team to ensure that content is appropriate prior to upload. In the rare instance where content is not fit for publication, The Rearview team will provide constructive feedback to the content creators, working with them to carry their vision through. 

Additionally, The Rearview currently offers weekly news, opinion, and business ideas for publication, while encouraging any and all other ideas for written pieces.

The Rearview hopes to foster learning and growth surrounding digital publication in response to modern media’s shifting landscape. Through all of the above opportunities, the Rearview intends to act as a platform to build and expand personal portfolios with professionally published journalistic content while encouraging collaboration and community throughout the process.