To the rest of the world, the Super Bowl is the world’s biggest football game—but for the Kelce Family, this year means more than just a trophy. For the first time in the Super Bowl’s fifty-seven-year history, two brothers played against one another, leading to your not-so-average sibling rivalry. 

Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and his younger brother, Travis, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, faced off against one another this Super Bowl Sunday. Since winning their respective conference championships, fans have flooded the brothers with questions regarding how they feel about the sibling face-off. Both brothers were ecstatic to share the field and have dubbed the big game “The Kelce Bowl.” While the two played against one another growing up and in the regular NFL season, this is their first time competing against each other for the Lombardi. 

To keep the excitement alive, the brothers released multiple episodes of their podcast, New Heights, with special guests. When asked how the rest of their family felt, the duo’s mother, Donna Kelce, made a special appearance to discuss her excitement and reservations. Donna shared, “I am cheering for the offense. Whenever the offense has the ball, I will be cheering.” The brothers urged for a more definitive answer, but Donna remained tightlipped. Jason and Travis also shared some sibling banter and discussed their predictions for the big game. 

Sunday’s nail-biting game ended with Travis Kelce and the Chiefs taking home the Lombardi Trophy. As the Philadelphia Eagles headed to the locker room in defeat, Jason beelined to congratulate his little brother with a hug. 

In the end, only one brother could win the world championship, but their relationship remains strong. 

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